Dream for a Prayer Centre in Chelmsford

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Dream for a Prayer Centre in Chelmsford – by Leader David Gilbey

Prayer Room 2In a central and visible location, rent and rate free, or vastly reduced, in a good state of repair, needs some parking, a large room for prayer with independent access 24-7. Tea & coffee facilities – maybe a cafe, offices – a place where absolutely anyone would be comfortable to walk into… and have a life changing encounter with God!

Just a few of things I, along with our Team, have been starting to dream for, to create Prayer Centre in the middle of our City. God seemed to say, right when He gave me the vision to start Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer in August 2014, that we would have one and recently, that vision has come back into focus.

A few weeks ago, I was at a Leaders Prayer Breakfast in Ipswich and after, was invited back to the town’s Elim Church to talk to their leadership about what we are doing with 24-7 Prayer. Whilst talking with the senior pastor, his assistant felt God had a Word for me. Part of this was that we would have a Prayer Centre, ‘sooner than we think’ and that it would be in a prominent position… and he was not sure about this, but felt it could be opposite a bank!

I then felt to contact a man in Chelmsford, that I have met periodically over many months and who, along with his church, has had a real vision for acquiring use of a building in the City Centre, that could be used by local Christians for community use. That had not come to fruition and the idea had been dropped. However, when I met him some three weeks after the visit to Ipswich, it turned out he had been having increasing thoughts about all of this and had just in the previous week I believe, made a fresh enquiry with the City Authorities to see what might be available.

A certain building was mentioned, which does happen to be opposite a bank! … but certainly this is nothing definite and am not sure this particular building is suitable. However, as a result, I am starting to push some further doors in expressing the intention that Chelmsford 24-7 is ready to go from Portable to Permanent!

Our Team has been asked to Dream. We still need a clearer Vision of what God has for this. If we start to put together in our minds what we see and desire for our City, I believe God will start to reveal what He has already prepared. Our thoughts need to align with His preparations.

If you have any insights into this… or maybe a spare building somewhere in the City Centre! do let us know. And please join us in dreaming.


It’s time to Pray for our Nation

It is Time to Pray for our Nation

Grenfell Tower rainbowThere is little doubt that with the recent terrorist attacks, the Grenfell Tower fire, the General Election result, Brexit, all mixed with fear, uncertainty and every other possible emotion that goes alongside, people everywhere are starting to cry out for direction, stability, help and hope for the future.

Jesus Christ, through the Commission and Compassion He has given His Church – Christian Believers everywhere – is the Hope and only lasting and true answer to the cry.

Prayer is the key that will see a release of The Holy Spirit to make that answer a reality in the hearts and lives of individuals in every community up and down our Nation.

Praying at Grenfell towerSee here how Christians in the area of the Tower responded with prayer and the truly staggering impact that it has had.


It is time - WPCThe World Prayer Centre, Birmingham has published more about this Call to Prayer, together with some specific Prayer Points – read it here – and pray!


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2017-03-14 10.08.49
On Saturday 25th March, Chelmsford 24-7 will once again be taking part in sanctuary, a youth prayer event at Chelmsford Cathedral. It is a place to discover stillness, to create, listen, watch and breathe.

I think I am as guilty as most in failing to stop enough. Life is ‘busy, busy’ and everything conspires to keep us busy and thinking that if not, we are not achieving anything. But the Kingdom of God works differently!

‘But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.’ Luke 5:16

13th – 15th March, I had the privilege of spending three days at the annual conference of theWorld Prayer Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire. Admittedly the programme a full one, but it still provided welcome space to stop, listen and to breathe.

God is presently doing something incredibly significant. Up and down our nation, men and women are hearing the call to unite in prayer, in relationship one with another, all mixed with the empowering breath of Holy Spirit blowing into and through them. Age is no barrier. One of the most enthusiastic Spirit filled people I met whilst away was an 83 year old Anglican man!

We are all being called back to New Testament Christianity. Immediately after Pentecost, when Holy Spirit so dramatically fell and after 3000 were added to the number of Believers in Jesus, we read in Acts 2:42-47:

42 They joined with the other believers in regular attendance at the apostles’ teaching sessions and at the Communion services and prayer meetings.

43 A deep sense of awe was on them all, and the apostles did many miracles.

44 And all the believers met together constantly and shared everything with each other, 45 selling their possessions and dividing with those in need. 46 They worshiped together regularly at the Temple each day, met in small groups in homes for Communion, and shared their meals with great joy and thankfulness, 47 praising God. The whole city was favorable to them, and each day God added to them all who were being saved.

There is no mention here, or later in the New Testament of ‘denominations’, different ‘practices’ or ‘traditions’ legitimately emerging. All the Believers were ‘one’ and this was how Jesus intended it. (Where we see subsequent evidence of Believers falling into error and dis-unity, it was spoken against and often severely dealt with!).

The early church was drenched in true agape love and real authentic relationships, based only around the truth of Jesus Christ Crucified and all he had taught. These same truths which are now represented within the Bible, the Living Word of God and only true authority and guide for Christians to live out their lives.

Do you want to see a powerful Revival in Great Britain and beyond? It is coming, maybe sooner than you think? But will you be too busy with life and all your church stuff?

It’s time to stop, breathe in Holy Spirit, love others, read and know your Bible and pray like never before.

Bless you all.


David Gilbey
Leader, Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer

Church @ Car Boot Sale Van Stolen

2016-07-03 07.31.25

Many of you will be aware of Chelmsford’s Church @ Car Boot Sale whose volunteers, from several local churches, serve hot drinks and chat and pray with people at the Car Boot Sale at Boreham. Fifty percent of their takings each year, also go to a local Charity.

The new season was due to start Sunday 2nd April, but last week it was discovered that the Coffee Van had been stolen.

The day after, it was recovered by police after a ‘chase’, however, it was badly damaged and beyond economic repair. Every bit of equipment had been stolen from the vehicle. The two coffee machines were in winter storage, but the two gazebo’s – one the new Prayer Space – generator, water tank, urn, tables, chairs, swing sign, even boxes of literature and Bibles and all the storage racking were gone.

The Team of CACBS met yesterday and really want to continue with this ministry which has blessed so many over some 6 years now.

However, the van was only insured for it’s market value and the contents not specifically at all. To get things up and running will likely require several thousands pounds to be raised, and much work.

Even before the theft, the Team were also in need of further Christian volunteers for this new season.

2016-07-31 08.41.59We want you to pray

The Team are setting aside the next 4 weeks to pray, to put out publicity, to see what might be offered in the way of help and not least to hear God is saying.

We ask you to pray too in unity with our Christian brothers and sisters, and if you believe you can offer any practical or pledge financial help, please let us know.

Keep up to date on their Twitter @churchbootsale or Facebook 

Blessings to you all.

David Gilbey

(Leader Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer & Committee member of CACBS).

Go Chelmsford Churches, Go!

2017-02-09-10-46-09We had a brilliant morning Prayer Walking on the Melbourne Estate in the City.

Meeting at Chelmsford Community Church, (where they have a wonderful and well attended drop-in cafe for local mums, dad’s and older folk), 4 of us, from 4 different churches spent an hour or so walking part of the Estate, praying for the community in many different ways as we went.

As we set out, and after treading on some wet grass, I felt God telling me that we were ‘softening the ground’ for the Gospel as we went.

We met another Christian lady and were able to pray2017-02-09-11-21-50 for her daughter who was at that moment on the maternity ward in the middle of a difficult labour.

Later, as we returned, we bumped into Marina & Nick Price and Team who were out with The Healing Bus Prayer Ministry, who are much more ‘hands-on’ and who were speaking with and offering prayer to passers-by.

2017-02-09-11-44-44They were very near the spot where I had trodden on the wet grass and I felt in part we had been softening the ground in prayer for what they were now doing there.

It is so wonderful to see The Church in our City working in diverse ways, but at the same time together in the Unity of Jesus Christ, to see real blessing come upon all who live in or visit Chelmsford

Have you considered becoming a Street Pastor?

2017-01-20-22-31-31Having spent 30 years as a police officer, some of that time out on the very same streets, I must admit that personally I have always had reservations. However, last Friday evening, on what was a bitterly cold evening, I ‘bit the bullet’ and joined one of their patrols for a short time, then spent a while back at their Prayer Base. Despite the frost forming outside, I was very warmly welcomed (the tea & toast at 1 am very much helped too!).

Whilst out we chatted to several homeless guys, providing coffee to one and a foil blanket to another, checked the railway and bus stations for stranded or otherwise incapacitated travellers, and generally checked out the highways and by-ways around the City Centre, speaking to the many doormen at clubs and pubs.

I also had a great conversation with a quite sober young man who was drinking a pint outside a bar, who simply couldn’t believe that a group of people would give up their Friday night to walk the streets to help their fellow man (or woman) like this! He was not a Christian, or even a church-goer, but told me that he would really like to be part of such a group.

How about you?Street Pastors

Chelmsford 24-7 wants to support Chelmsford Street Pastors. I recently met with their Co-ordinators, Di & Gail to discuss this and build relations. As a result, primarily I want to encourage more Christians from our City to get directly involved with Street Pastors. 

Street Pastors are generally out 10 pm to 4 am, every Saturday, every other Friday and some Wednesday’s and occasionally for other special occasions. You do not have to go out every week and some go out once a month or even less so. Age is not a barrier, our oldest Street Pastor is in his eighties, but they are very keen to attract some younger people, of which there is a distinct under-representation.

I went out as an Observer. No obligation. Street Pastors welcome any of you to do the same. Why not come out one night and see what it is all about for yourself? Comprehensive training is given over a number of weeks should you wish to become part of the Team.

Prayer Base

If you simply can’t face the thought of patrolling the streets, then you can always pray. Without prayer back-up, Street Pastors would not function and unfortunately their pool of pray-ers has been diminishing.

Prayer takes place throughout the night, with Pastors phoning the ‘Base’, next to Life Church, off of Moulsham Street, requesting prayer over the many people and situations they come across.

Pray at Home

Even if the physical or other limitations prevent you from travelling into the City Centre at night, you can join the Team and pray at home. When a request for prayer comes into the Prayer Base, in turn it is phoned through to those who have agreed to stay up and pray where-ever they are.

Prayer Walking

wp_20160923_19_50_56_proAnother way we have agreed to help our Street Pastors is to have our own Prayer Walks on some Friday evenings when they can’t be out. These will take place earlier in the evening, finish no later than 9 pm, We trialled such a Walk in September last year.

We will walk the City Centre area, where the pubs and clubs are situated. This will not be in any way a Street Pastor role, but will simply be to to pray for peace and blessing and spread the ‘aroma of Christ’ onto our streets.

We have two Walks scheduled at present: Friday 10th February and Friday 10th March.

Simply turn up on the evening from 7.30 pm, at Cables House, (next to Life Church), Hall Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0HG, which is the Street Pastor’s base, and after initial prayers and briefing we will walk until about 9 pm.

No excuse!

So, there is really no reason not to get involved. It’s not a Scripture, but it is said, many hands make light work! The more people who can contribute a little, will reduce the burden and increase the availability and effectiveness of this amazing ministry.

It does however say in Psalm 133, ‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!’ and God is bringing blessing and transformation on our City through Christians praying and working for His Kingdom together.

Maybe, if I’m out Observing again, I’ll be able to chat with you over a slice of toast at 1 am!

Find out more

Chelmsford street Pastor’s website: www.chelmsfordstreetpastors.org

Their Facebook Page is here. Do ‘join’ the group.

Email them at: info@chelmsfordstreetpastors.org


David Gilbey
Leader Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer

Looking Back at 2016 & Aslan is Coming!

Read the below together with our full January/February 2017 Newsletter here

Looking back at 2016

2016-08-05-11-59-092016 is a year that has contained much, both nationally and internationally, for us to reflect upon and no doubt we could make much reflection on what the year has brought for us personally.

For Chelmsford 24-7, it has been a year of much activity; creation and building of relationships with churches and other Christian organisations locally, and with others involved in prayer regionally and nationally. Not least, much prayer has been offered up over our City and beyond.

Our primary vision has firmly remained to be a catalyst for unity to the Christians of our City through prayer, love and relationship, so that The Kingdom of God will come to Chelmsford and that the lives of all who live, work and visit here, will be changed by proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We held 122 Prayer Spaces, with around 900 attendees. 3 churches now run their own in the manner of a franchise. Many could testify as to how God has moved and blessed through prayers brought at all of these.

From early Autumn, we also started Prayer Walks, and had 6, involving 53 people wearing our blue reflective jackets proclaiming, ‘Praying for our City’.

There were notable ‘supernatural events’ at two particular Prayer Spaces. In March, at St. Mary’s, Great Baddow, a shaft of light shone on a prophetic picture of a spiders web that David Gilbey had just drawn, concerning unity between Believers in the City. Read the story here.Danny's picture of name in Golden Bowl with name underlined

In April, a man called Danny, who had a serious medical issue, unexpectedly found himself in The Cathedral, and found God was already waiting for him! He found his name written right on the top of the prayer request labels in our ‘Golden Bowl’ prayer station, and more than that, underlined in Gold! Read his own account here.

IMG_5262Easter, we provided prayer support for the 2016 Churches Together Procession of Witness and City Passion, our first outdoor Passion Play for many centuries.

At the end of April, for 2 days, our portable Prayer Space was taken to the National Christian Police Association Annual Conference at a hotel in Southend-on-Sea.

Pentecost we took part in Thy Kingdom Come, a week of Prayer over the UK, which included, for the first time anyone could remember, 24 hours of prayer in the Cathedral and a special day long Prayer Space at Essex Police HQ.

At their AGM in May, we formally became associates of newly named Christians Together in Chelmsford (CTiC) and have a seat on the committee, ably filled by Sue Gibson. We also set up a stall, a ‘mini Prayer Space’, at the open day of the Diocesan Retreat House, Pleshey.

September, we joined in with the National Prayer Weekend, facilitating locally 72 hours of 2016-09-25-17-38-35-cropcontinuous prayer, (just 1 hour slot was unfilled), and which included 4 Prayer Walks, in the City Centre, Great Baddow and Melbourne.

We have been part of organising and facilitating sanctuary, an ongoing youth prayer event in the Cathedral, which took place in February and October.

This year, David Gilbey has been part of the committee of Church at Car Boot Sale, which draws help from a number of local churches and helped to catalyse the idea for a Prayer Tent which now sits alongside the tea and coffee they serve

During the year, David had the pleasure of speaking about prayer and the work of Chelmsford 24-7 at a number of local churches both on Sunday’s and at weekday meetings.
trumpet-callBeyond Chelmsford, David was also able to build on relationship with the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham, and has attended National Prayer Days, including the National Trumpet Call in October and National Prayer Leaders Meetings. Relationships have also been grown with Prayer Groups regionally, from Southend to Norwich.

In April David first met Peter Hill, from Canada, previously founder of the 1971 National Festival of Light. June 2015 God woke Peter and told him again to become involved in calling Great Britain to pray. David is now at an early stage of involvement with Call the Nation to Prayer.

Our Steering Group have been a real blessing in guiding all we have done and hope to do. Our Prayer Support Team, consisting of around 20 faithful Believers from different Churches met approximately 10 occasions and we have had some amazing and powerful times of prayer and prophetic insight into the life of our City.

Not least, we want to extend a massive hand of thanks to all who have been involved in any way. Whether you have attended just one event, maybe even said just one prayer, or to those who regularly and faithfully come along. Thank you all. You have and will continue to be an amazing blessing.

Aslan is coming! – thoughts from Leader David Gilbey

2016-12-29-10-38-16If you have read, Looking Back at 2016, you will see all the great things Chelmsford 24-7 has been involved with. There have been some tremendous blessings. However, at times they have also been accompanied by the ‘clang’ of a spade striking hard ground!

Clearly we have seen answers to prayer and many good things happen. But the going has sometimes been tough. Not all, even some Christians. are receptive to what we are doing. Not as many as I might hope understand the true power or practice of persistent and consistent prayer.

At a glance, what has actually changed in our City? Where is the ‘Move of God, the ‘Revival’ that many of us have been looking for over many years? There are undoubtedly encouraging signs here and there, but can still often seem like hard going on hard ground!

The question is, will 2017 be any different to 2016 and all the years before?

Well, my answer is decidedly, YES, Aslan is coming!

2016-12-29-10-36-52If you know the story of the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, you will remember that the land of Narnia was in a perpetual state of winter, covered in snow. Christmas never came, so Spring could never follow. The white witch had held great power over the land to keep it so. In the story, Father Christmas eventually turns up and declares, ““I’ve come at last. She has kept me out for a long time, but I have got in at last. Aslan is on the move. The witch’s magic is weakening.”

Earlier this week, on a particularly cold and frosty, but intensely sunny morning, I felt that I needed to go for a walk, to pray and to reflect and to listen. As I walked, the sun was slowly rising, and although at this time of the year without great heat, it was nonetheless melting everything that it’s rays were able to touch. Defrosted water droplets dripped from trees like rain and as the shadows receded from frost covered fields, white, turned to green.

I remembered Narnia. I strongly felt that God was saying, winter is nearly over for our City and Nation, Spring is coming, the ground has and is being softened by the prayers of My people. I AM on the move!

However, as our Lord and Saviour Jesus moves, we His people must move with him. It is perfectly possible to stay hidden in the shadows, immersed in the frosty glitter of life, and with our hearts frozen to those around us who are heading for a lost eternity..

2016-12-29-10-47-11I find that God always confirms what He says to me, and the very next day, I received a message from a friend. He had no idea that I had been out for a walk the previous day, nor any of my resultant thoughts. He included this:

I watched the Lion, witch and wardrobe aslanagain over Christmas and the thawing out of Narnia occurs after 100 years of ice cold weather and Aslan the Lion (Jesus) is sacrificed and resurrects pouring out his power against the forces of the white witch and overcomes evil. We should pray that the winter of UK spiritual darkness is passing and that Aslan is roaring to set the people free! More prayer please. Many blessings for the new year.⁠⁠⁠⁠”

As 2017 begins, it’s time to stand up, move out into the sunlight, to let the Light and love of Jesus warm and melt our hearts for Him again. We must ‘fall on our knees’ afresh in prayer before our Lord – the Saviour of the World – and then we will be able to fully join with Him as he moves and melts others hearts across Chelmsford and the United Kingdom in revival power.

The Lion is Roaring! Get Ready.

Bless you all for an exciting journey in 2017


David Gilbey
Leader, Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer

(Pictures were taken whilst on my walk)

The Christians of our City praying in unity for renewal and revival and supporting all those taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into our communities