Schools and Youth Ministries (SYM) -Illuminate Chelmsford – Feb 2018

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Illuminate Chelmsford – 6 to 10 February 2018

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SYM are hosting the internationally renowned band LZ7 in Chelmsford from Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th February 2018. Their tour, Illuminate, will be visiting four of our schools during the week and culminates in two concerts.

Tuesday 6th – Great Baddow High School
Wednesday 7th – Sandon School
Thursday 8th – Moulsham High School
Friday 9th – Hylands School

Friday and Saturday evenings at Skylark Church, Widford, to which the young people they have spoken to and many other young people from Chelmsford that will be invited, have opportunity to come to and LZ7hear more about a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Up to 550 young  people will be able to attend each evening Concert!

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The LZ7 website is also full of videos, resources and information –


Praying for Illuminate

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Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer is partnering with SYM to encourage prayer both before and during the week-long event.

During the schools visits and during the concerts, we have on-line calendar for you to sign up and cover these periods with prayer.

For all who can, we will also be encouraging you to come and pray in an ‘upper room’ at Skylark Church during the concerts.

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Current prayer points

Pray for

  • the outstanding details to be easily finalised within the schools & with the band.
  • our relationships with the schools to strengthen over this time & for them to see the incredible potential as to having LZ7 at their school.
  • the youth groups & church leaders in Chelmsford to catch the vision of Iluminate in Chelmsford
  • protection (health etc) over the SYM Team & LZ7 as we begin to build up the momentum towards the week.
  • the volunteers who will be offering support during the school day and at the two concerts
  • the final practical arrangements and for the team with extra work loads.
  • finances to continue to flow into SYM to support the event & for volunteers to increase to help at the gig nights.
  • GOD’s incredible presence to be felt through out the Gig nights & at the schools. For the Holy Spirit to move & soften the youth’s heart as they hear the message from LZ7.
  • that many young people will make deep, meaningful and lasting responses to the good news of Jesus. 

Added Monday 22nd January:

  • It’s only 2 weeks to go & the pressure is building, pray for the team as they begin to feel the momentum. A few members are struggling with health issues that have flared up, so prayer for healing over them would be amazing.
  • Online Tickets are due to go on sale in the next 24hours, so prayers that the advertising continues to work & for youth to buy tickets!!
  • Schools are now wanting to finalise more details, so prayers that the logistics can be sorted quickly & easily.
  • ANSWER! One big prayer answer is that we had a room issue with one school, which has been completely sorted & worked out better then planned!!


Would your Church like to know more?

Illuminate LZ7 flyerA poster for the two concert events is now available – click here

If you would like your church family to know more, contact Lynsey either by email – or by phone 01245 350055.



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SYM is a Chelmsford based organisation dedicated to providing a highly professional service which supports students and schools. They aim to help schools provide a broad, rich curriculum especially in the areas of social, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The vision of SYM

To COMMUNICATE to children and young people the truth about Christianity.

To provide opportunities for them to CONSIDER Christianity through extra curricular groups and events.

To CONSOLIDATE through partnership with local churches.

Visit their website for more information: