Church @ Car Boot Sale

Chelmsford Churches Working Together at the Boreham Car Boot Sale…

2017-08-06 07.32.38…are Christians from a group of Chelmsford churches that have set up camp there on a Sunday morning.

Forget your image of traditional church; this is all about church being relevant for the 21st century. They provide top quality freshly ground coffee, cups of tea or hot chocolate, and a chance to relax. 50% of the takings are given to charities.

They don’t push church onto anyone, but there are always people on hand if anyone wants to chat.

You will find them there throughout the Boot Sale season from about 7 am to midday. (Last date in 2017 in 15 October).

2016-07-17 11.31.23

Read here the ‘miracle of the keys’ at Church @ Car Boot Sale, in July 2016

Christian volunteers are also always welcome – why not pop along to take a look or email them at 

Visit their website at

Details of the venue can be found here.


Christians in our City praying in unity for renewal and revival and supporting all those taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into our communities