Essex Savers

essex saversAlthough not obviously so, Essex Savers a Christian based organisation, which operates from Guy Harlings, adjacent to the Diocesan Offices, in New Street, Chelmsford.

It is a financial cooperative owned and run by its members for the benefit of its members. They provide local, ethical, banking services offering a secure place to save and affordable credit when it’s needed.

Essex Savers is truly local. They have over 25 face-to-face service points running weekly across Essex. They are working to increase the number of service points and aim to be in all major towns and as many rural locations in Essex as soon as possible.

Part of their aims and objectives are:

• to provide ethical banking services – accessible to all in Essex;
• to play their part in making payday lenders and other predatory lenders redundant across Essex.

Their work has been endorsed by the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.

Find out more on their website: