River Prayer -ladies prayer group

A small prayer group of ladies who currently meet every other Thursday, to pray by the river in Chelmsford City Centre.

They meet at 9.30 am, in the park off of New London Road, opposite the back of Marks & Spencer.

You are very welcome to join them. You can  contact group leader Jen Gaskin, on 07940 429063 or just come along.

Read what Jen has to say:

Mobilisation of the Land Army Girls

Land Army GirlsProphetic words have been given that in the last days women would rise up and pray for Britain.

I woke up one night and asked God to show me how we would get in touch with women and this call to prayer. Immediately after this prayer the words “Land Army Girls” came to mind and in the dark I scribbled the heading above.

Each girl, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone, were given a plot of land to work, they may not have been able to see the others, but they knew they were there standing together side by side, spread across the land.

Britain was saved from starvation by these girls physically working the land.

I believe that today women are being called to spiritually rise up and stand together “and work the land”.

Will you join us?

It has been on my heart for a long time now, that the Christian women of Chelmsford should meet together by the river, (as they did on New Testament times — Acts 16). We have spoken and prayed about this in a small prayer group and each of us feels this is the way forward that God is directing us to. One of the prayer group ladies then met another lady who had moved into a flat looking out on the river. This lady also felt that there should be prayer by the river.

Will you join in the fight for your county and your nation?

To All Land Girls

I saw a Land Girl working Alone in an open field Her hard, once elegant, hands A stalwart hoe did wield Her back was bent as she slew the weeds That spoiled the potatoes’ growth She never wilted, she never paused She had taken her silent oath.

At last the day was nearly done The sun was inking low She gathered up her jacket Then slowly cleaned her hoe She passed the chair where I sat (I am feeble in body and sight) She smiled at me as she said: “Been hot to-day, Good-Night”.

We hear the valiant deeds of our men in “furrin parts” Deeds which bring the tears to our eyes, a glow of pride in our hearts But when the war is over and peace at last restored I shall always remember the Land Girl, who made her hoe her sword

Written by “An Admirer of their Work”


The Christians of our City praying in unity for renewal and revival and supporting all those taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into our communities