General info – Prayer Walks

More photos of Prayer Walks in action here

Back from our Prayer Walk during the National Prayer Weekend, September 2016

Summer 2016, we felt it was time to encourage Christians in the City to ‘leave the church building’ and to increasingly pray and be seen praying on our streets.

2016-09-05 19.38.42.jpgWe are visible and want to make sure people who see us know who we are and what we are doing. We wear blue reflective vests with the fact we are praying for the City clearly printed upon them.

As we walk, we carry God’s presence, The Kingdom of Heaven, to our streets. We pray and speak blessing generally over areas, specifically over certain roads or landmarks, schools, public buildings and so forth.

We are not specifically looking to speak to or pray with people we meet, but are very happy to answer questions, share our faith if asked, or pray for people, there and then or later.

Prayer Walk on 2 January 2016

We first trialled some Prayer Walks over the weekend of 23-25 September 2016, which was the National Prayer Weekend. 

Note: We are presently not arranging regular prayer walks (Feb. 2019)