Booklets to Bless your Community

keep blessing your community bookletWe have been using and very much recommend a booklet, Keep Blessing Your Community, which was written by Jill Gower, who heads up a Prayer Movement called Call to Prayer in Norwich.

It is a 40-day prayer guide containing declarations, scriptures, blessings and prayers that individuals or groups can use over the place where they live.

We also recommend a second booklet, KeeKeep on Praying and Blessp on Praying and Bless, also written by Jill Gower and also Robbie Bain.

Email to order (£3 per copy + postage), giving your address. An invoice will be enclosed with the booklets, giving details of how to pay.

You can also purchase a copy of either booklet at any of our Prayer Spaces.

The Christians of our City praying in unity for renewal and revival and supporting all those taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into our communities