Guides to Praying 24-7

These downloadable guides to 24-7 prayer are produced by 24-7 Prayer International. Please check out this Prayer page for lots of other ideas.

Simply click on the picture of the guide you are interested in to open it as a printable PDF file.

How to host a 24-7 Prayer Room
How to host a 24-7 Prayer Room

How to host a 24-7 Prayer Room.

This guide can help anyone anywhere host a 24-7 Prayer Room. It includes ideas on motivating your community, organising the room, creative prayer and starting and ending well. Use this guide and the support of the 24-7 Prayer team to get praying. All it takes is 24 people to commit to an hour a day to fill a week in unbroken prayer.



60 minute Prayer guide
60 Minute Personal Prayer

60 Minute Personal Prayer.

A guide to praying for 1 hour.

Christians in our City praying in unity for renewal and revival and supporting all those taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into our communities