48 Hour Prayer Room – 2 to 4 June

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We are encouraging you to join the Global Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Initiative by coming to spend time in our 48 hour Prayer Room for Chelmsford, 8 am Friday 2nd, to 8 am, Sunday 4th June – Pentecost Sunday.

We are at at Meadgate Church, The Parade, 162a Meadgate Avenue, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, CM2 7LJ, 

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.Our Prayer Room

2017-02-06 11.11.54Although based at Meadgate Church, this is for the whole City!

We want to encourage Christians of all denominations and traditions, from across Chelmsford, to form part of a great Wave of Prayer that will be happening across the World.

The Prayer Room will be set up in the main part of the church and will stay open continuously for 48 hours. We encourage you to sign up using our on-line Calendar and come along for at least one hour during that period.

You can sign up as a Church, family or individual.

The Room will operate in a similar manner to our regular Prayer Spaces. It will be a place of personal prayer and encounter, guided by various themed Prayer Stations.

A few minutes before each hour, we will also draw those present together for a short collective act or prayer and declaration.


Pray for 5 people

The central theme of Thy Kingdom Come is to see people wooden cross in groundbecome followers of Jesus Christ and in particular we are encouraging you to come along with 5 people in mind. They may be family, friends, neighbours colleagues, or indeed anyone you know who are not yet Christians.

There will be a particular Prayer Station, which will include a large Cross upon which to pin their first names, that will enable you and those that follow you into the Prayer Room, to pray for those people to respond to the life changing Gospel message.


Holy Spirit

Lion in flamesTo be an effective Witness for Jesus Christ, you need the empowerment of The Holy Spirit. Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, he promised His followers that His Father, God, would send them a “gift” that would “baptise” them and give them strength and power to be His witnesses. He surely did! You can read more in Acts Chapter 1 & 2.

Another Prayer Station will give you opportunity to explore and to ask to receive that ‘gift’ of the Holy Spirit, that is still available today.


The General Election

We do not believe that it is a co-incidence thBallot slip - twitter versionat our Nation is experiencing a General Election, just 4 days after Thy Kingdom Comeends. We have an amazing opportunity to pray for our future Government and political landscape – that those that God chooses will be elected into power.

We will have a Prayer Station that will enable you to put your prayers and petitions into a ‘Ballot Box’, to ask that God’s will be done.


We hope you will be able to put some time aside to join us – your prayers could totally transform both yours and others lives.

The Christians of our City praying in unity for renewal and revival and supporting all those taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into our communities